Cocktail Masterclasses

Are you in love with the drinks created at The Nest and Nectar? Ever fancied becoming a connoisseur of your favourite spirit? Book your next Cocktail Masterclass with us!

Each Masterclass is taught by mixologist Randy Foster, who will talk you through each cocktail step-by-step. The classes will teach you all there is to know about the chosen spirit. From preparation to execution, examine the reasons behind each step, including proper jiggering, choosing the correct ingredients, and using the perfect garnish to complement your cocktail. The class gives you an insight into the history, production methods, and different styles of the spirit, while tasting examples from across the category.

The Details

Two drinks and food pairings | $30 per person
Three drinks and food pairings | $35 per person
Four drinks and food pairings | $40 per person
Duration of classes is approximately two hours
Private classes are available (birthdays, bachelorettes)

Call us at 250-493-7275 or shoot us an email at with any questions!